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Digital Marketing and Online Trading

Training on Adopting an Effective Framework for Fraud Management in Financial Institutions

Fraud remains a major concern for many financial institutions. This has become even more of a challenge with the adoption …

Training the Trainer for In-Person Training – Strategies for New and Experienced Training Facilitators

The course titled “Training of Trainer (ToT) for In-person Training – Strategies for New and Experienced Training Facilitators” is designed …

Business Growth and Sustainability Strategies for SMEs

The desire of Financial Service Providers (FSPs) to increase outreach is always laudable, given the proportion of the population that …

Strategic Positioning of the Financial Service Provider (FSP)

Every Financial Service Provider (FSP) is expected to reflect on the choices it makes about the kind of value it …

Strengthening Institutional Framework for Credit Delivery

Credit providing institutions are critical for enterprises and the wider economy and their operations impact on various aspects of the …

Business Plan Development for Private Schools

Private Schools are businesses and should be managed as such. The course in business plan development provides learners with a …

Defining Your Business Model

Business model is at the heart of the stories that explain how businesses work. It answers the question ‘Who is …

Adansonia – Who We are

Adansonia is a learning platform birthed from CDC Group’s services. The name Adansonia is inspired by the Baobab tree. Adansonia, widely known as the African Baobab, is a symbol and metaphor for wisdom. In West Africa, it is said that ‘Wisdom is like the baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it. It denotes that human wisdom is so great that no individual can claim to have it all. Wisdom goes beyond gaining knowledge and learning facts but includes having the ability to use the knowledge and make sense of the facts learned.

We believe that drawing professionals, business minds, and trainers together under ‘one platform’ will enhance learning as ideas and knowledge can be shared, and business and professional networks can be built.

The platform aims at reaching a wider network of learners and trainers across the globe with online tailor-made capacity-building courses. The platform allows learners to sign up and participate in live learning sessions, or to scroll through listed free and paid courses to participate at their own pace.

Adansonia is a powerful, user-friendly learning management system that allows users to maneuver easily through the system to identify courses of interest and sign up for them. With our integrated payment systems, users can sign up and make payments for courses using payment options such as MoMo, Debit Cards, and Express Pay/Slide Pay